Just Announced! This Girl Golfs is back for 2017, first venue The Belfry

Since we launched the #ThisGirlGolfs campaign in 2015 we have seen it grow and inspire ladies from all walks of life to get involved and give golf a go.

After the amazing success of our ladies open events in 2016 we are pleased to announce our first venue for the 2017 #ThisGirlGolfs campaign.

It will be held at The Belfry over the PGA National course on the 10th May.

Spaces are limited so book your place now for just £90 (Groups of 6+ receive a 10% discount)

The Belfry

We’ve designed the perfect ladies event by teaming up with some of the games biggest names to create a unique day offering the ultimate golf a lifestyle experience.

Thanks to Las Colinas Golf & Country Club we can offer this fantastic first prize, including three rounds of golf, breakfast and transfers.

Also on the day we will offer 18 hole stableford on the PGA National course, on course prizes, gift bags, a lifestyle experience, two course dinner and prizes worth over £2,000

PGA National Course

The Belfry - PGA National

This tournament venue in the heart of England will challenge every golfer, with the undulating green, well placed bunkers and running fairways.

If you love golf and making a variety of shots like your on a links course playing here is a must.

More venues around the UK to be announced soon

Find out more about The Belfry on their website

Book your spot now by emailing or calling 0113 289 3979



Meet the ladies

This Girl Golfs event: August 16th

Following the success of our first This Girl Golfs event at The Mere, we are introducing our second ladies’ event – designed specifically for you! We’ve teamed up with some of the game’s biggest names to create a unique day offering the ultimate golf and lifestyle experience.

  • Exclusive Röhnisch catwalk show
  • A relaxing wellness experience with Par Skincare
  • Mini Pilates taster session with The Intelligent Core
  • 18-hole Stableford tournament on the championship Waterfall course
  • On-course spot prizes courtesy of ETIQUS and Golf Buddy
  • Traditional afternoon tea on the course
  • Gourmet continental breakfast
  • Wine tasting on the terrace courtesy of Benguela Cove
  • Gift bag for all attendees – worth over £75
  • Two-course evening meal n Q&A session from up and coming Ladies European Tour player Georgia Hall
  • Prizes worth over £3,000


  • 8.45-9.00 Registration in the Latilla-Campbell Room
  • 9.00-9.30 Breakfast and welcome from Georgina Simpson
  • 9.30-10.00 Short talks from Par Skincare and Techniblock Suncare
  • 10.00-10.20 Mini Pilates taster session from The Intelligent Core
  • 10.30-11.15 Warm up on the range/putting green
  • 11.30 18 hole Shotgun on the Waterfall course with two Afternoon Tea Stations.
  • 16.15 Wine tasting on the patio courtesy of Benguela Cove
  • 17.00 Röhnisch Fashion Show & opportunity to purchase from the This Girl Golfs boutique.
  • 18.00 Two-course evening dinner served in the Latilla-Campbell Room
  • 18.30 Presentation of prizes and Q&A session from up and coming Ladies European Tour player Georgia Hall

A 3-night holiday for two at the 4* Melia Villaitana on the Costa Blanca coast. Includes breakfast and three rounds of golf for two people, courtesy of Golf Breaks.



TGG's Harriet Shepard catches up with some of our event attendees to get their insights into the game.

Doreen Roberts, Heaton Moor, Stockport

How long have you been playing golf?

22 years.

How did you get involved in golf?

We had a caravan in North Wales and all the girls down there used to play, so they suggested I try having some golf lessons so I could join in with them. So I did and I just got hooked.

Then I joined Heaton Moor Golf Club, which I was hesitant about at first because I thought they would all be snobs! But they weren’t, they were absolutely fantastic.

So I carried on and carried on, got my handicap down and my name on the board and here I am still playing today.

What would you say to ladies who are thinking of trying golf?

Oh just do it, it’s a whole new world out there, with golfing holidays and days out like this, it’s just fantastic. Everybody should do it!

Julie Sherlock and friends, Heaton Moor, Stockport

What do you like about golf?

To me playing in medal competitions isn’t enjoyable really; it’s playing away for fun that’s the best bit. I love going on trips away and getting the chance to play different courses like Abersoch.

I also like beating men in mixed games; men don’t like being beaten by women!

What would you say to ladies who are thinking of trying golf?

You’ll meet some fantastic people and make great friends. We go away for weekends and travel a lot and always have a laugh whatever the weather. It’s a great sport. We also like to drink a lot!

Sandra, Duckinfield Golf Club, Cheshire

How did you get involved in golf?

I started playing when I was living in India because that’s what everybody did to be social. Then I joined the club at Duckinfield and went back and forth playing between there and India.

Why do you like playing golf?

It’s very social and you get to make some good friends.

What would you say to ladies who are thinking of trying golf?

Just do it, because it’s not only social but it’s exercise and a great way to spend the day. Much better than doing housework anyway! It gets you out of the house and gives you the opportunity to meet different people.

Any golfing tips?

No not really just take lessons!

Jan Keen, Devonshire

When did you start playing golf?

2000, so 16 years ago.

How did you get involved in golf?

We were visiting friends in America who played golf and my husband suggested that we should learn to play too. I told him not to be so stupid but we gave it a go anyway and started having lessons. We both enjoyed it and we kept it up, so we got into it through friends really. We were both playing several sports already, so it was a new endeavour for us.

Why do you like golf?

I suppose I’m quite unusual. It’s not the be-all and end-all for me, I get bored over 18 holes and I chose not to be Lady Captain and to do juniors and new to golf ladies instead. So as a Volunteer Coach I did my level 1 certificate in coaching golf and then my level 2.

I like that I’m outdoors on the mountains but I think that as a game it’s too long, if you play netball or tennis the games are much shorter.

I also like that you get to meet a nice group of people through golf and I think that’s what the new to golf ladies enjoy about it. We have about 20 and some of them are never going to do 18 holes but they come for the coffee and the cake and the social bits and that’s it really.

I don’t think it’s an easy sport, it’s hard and I don’t know how it will develop personally. You can have all these campaigns and lessons but the problem is who will take the ladies out on the course after they’ve had lessons. They need a converter, someone who takes them from the driving range and the lessons and on to the course.

What would you say to ladies looking to get into golf?

I would ask them if they like wine or coffee and if the answer is yes then they should definitely come along! We’ll have a drink and a natter and then we might hit a few balls.



This Girl Golfs hosts its inaugural event

When we launched the This Girl Golfs campaign in 2015, none of us predicted the level of support and coverage that it was going to receive. National media, members of the golf industry, governing bodies and thousands of golfers all rallied together, helping to spread the message that regardless of age, ability, physicality or budget, women and girls should give golf a go.

Research tells us that for female golfers, the lifestyle surrounding golf is as important as the game itself and it was with this in mind that we got to planning our inaugural This Girl Golfs event with the support of England Golf and an exceptionally generous set of sponsors.

On April 28th, 72 women arrived at The Mere, in Cheshire, anticipating a day of well-balanced fun and activity. Before anyone even teed off, XXIO had run clinics, challenges and product testing on the practise areas, Chervò had launched their S/S 2016 ladies range on the catwalk, Par Skincare led a wellness experience and Linda from The Intelligent Core got everyone warmed up in her Pilates taster.

Fashion, Pilates and Par

Fashion, Pilates and Par

Out on the course afternoon tea was served. With refreshments by Max Golf Protein and Champagne by Fernand, everyone had just enough time to enjoy a tipple before the rain came. Less a winter shower than a torrential downpour, good old Blighty really did let our competitors have it.

Champagne by Fernand out on the course

Champagne by Fernand out on the course

As they arrived back sodden and bedraggled, after 15 holes, I could do nothing but marvel at their resilience and the fact that most were still smiling. 20 minutes later, after a quick towelling off and change, the promise of a glass of wine and a hot meal meant the mood had become positively buoyant.

Over £3,500 worth of prizes were given away throughout the evening, including two holidays, courtesy of Your Golf Travel and by the time the crumble was served, the sense of excitement and delight filling the room was palpable.

Our winners with their prizes and Georgie

Our winners with their prizes and Georgie

From everyone here on the team cheers to all who contributed towards and attended our first event, there will be plenty more popping up in coming months. Keep a look out in the next issue of Lady Golfer for more details.

Team #ThisGirlGolfs

Team #ThisGirlGolfs



Team Lady Golfer get their first group lesson at J.Witaker Golf

This was such a fun way to spend a lunch break. Just being outdoors for half an hour and focussing on your swing is a great way to alleviate work stress. Heading to the range as a group allowed for loads of light hearted competition and laughter. Today, while first time golfers Laurie and Alice discovered secret talents, Sarah and I, who are now a few lessons in, spent most of the lesson simultaneously missing the ball and giggling. 



Kate Surman | For recovery and camaraderie

Having joined the Army at 16 years old, I have naturally lived for sport and being active and competitive. I could never afford to let my fitness levels drop for the constant fear of not being able to keep up with the boys and being unable to lead from the front and hold my ground. I thrived on being part of a close knit team and aspiring towards a united aim albeit a finish line, try, goal or any objective.

Following a successful tour of Afghanistan I lost all this upon being diagnosed with a very rare form of cancer in my lower jaw at the age of 29.  Within a month I had embarked upon a year of gruelling chemotherapy, lost my hair and was effectively bed ridden wondering if I would ever put on my uniform or play sport again. Once the tumour was under control I had extensive surgery to remove my jaw and rebuild it using the whole of my left fibula. I was left weak (and bald) due to chemo and unable to walk, talk, eat or smile properly due to the operation.

Whilst in this dark, frustrating place my boyfriend sensed I needed a challenge and , not being allowed outside or around people due to risk of infection, he bought me a putter. I would summon up enough energy to get up off the sofa and putt golf balls into over turned tea light holders on the carpet! I always thought golf would be a good game but never entertained it before as believed that it would not give me the exercise I needed and had written it off to be too time consuming.

On days when I felt stronger I would go to the local club's putting green and spend 20 minutes or so putting until I needed to sit down. When my leg got strong enough to begin transferring weight I found myself having a go at the driving range.

It was at this point I was introduced to an amazing charity - The On Course Foundation. They assist wounded, injured and sick members of the military in their rehabilitation through the means of golf. I was asked if I would like to attend one of their events with professional tuition to learn how to play golf. Despite extreme lack of confidence and nerves of all my visual scars, my lacking energy and fact I was wearing a wig I attended. This was the turning point - I had got the bug!

6 months later my boyfriend and I joined my first ever golf club and I got welcomed with open arms into the very friendly ladies section. I put in my three cards and got a handicap to start from.

This is certainly not a sob story in any way but to make others realise that being part of a golf club and playing golf can do more than you think even at the lowest level. It has given me something to concentrate on, an aim to aspire to, a way to get some exercise that isn't too arduous, it has given me a team atmosphere and friends that I miss from my much missed Army life and, with a medical discharge and loss of career on the cards now, it is a fantastic networking tool meeting new fellow golfers.

A year later I still await reconstructive jaw surgery but start the new year with a handicap of 22 eager to become the first lady to compete in The Simspon Cup for On Course Foundation members in the near future.



This Girl Golfs at The Golf Show

On Feb 27th and 28th 2016 American Golf held their first golf show. It took place at Manchester's, Event City and over 5,000 golfers attended. 

This Girl Golfs have been working closely with AG on putting the project together, for the last few months and the result was a truly unique, exciting and family friendly experience. The #ThisGirlGolfs team could be found running the fashion and wellness zone in which we delivered 10 catwalk shows, 200 free massages and loads of drop in Pilates clinics across the course of the weekend.

It was such a great thing to witness men, women and children all enjoying and sharing a huge range of golf and lifestyle experiences in an environment where everyone felt welcome and equal.

We are very proud to have been a part of the show and hope that all attendees left with a sense of how great golf can be when it is at its most accessible. 



Julie Barrett | For Fun and Fashion

I started playing golf 30 years ago.....then I was the only girl I knew who played so had to go out with my brothers.....not very cool!  I then stopped playing as work and bringing up my daughter took what a great sport it is for couples and groups of girls...a way to get out have fresh air and great fun.  One of the few sports you can play as a couple as equals.  Of course now the fashion is another great pull, fab clothes and equipment.  The other great thing is the social life of golfing getting away with the girls or your partner with great entertainment out on the course as well as some beautiful places to stay.  Here I am at Slaley Hall.



Michele Hemmings | Why women should get out there

After lessons with a lady golf pro who made me feel comfortable embarking on a pastime I had previously only associated with men, I quickly became obsessed. All I think about is when I can get out and play, oh and the weather forecast, my second obsession that can make or break my ability to get out there. Heavy rain is not my friend.

Why do I love it? Why should more women get out there? Fresh air, sunshine and exercise are all excellent reasons. The physical and mental ability involved in the game keeps you focused and I believe helps you deal with  the stresses of life,  important to me as an A&E nurse. Golf is sociable, I have met  people from all walks of life and the golf club is  a great community to be part of. What I truly appreciate is the unique handicap system which allows me to play with others at all levels. I can play with my Grandad (82), Dad, sister and partner.  Golf is a sport you can play anywhere and I love visiting the beautiful areas and landscapes that Britain offers. 

I only wish more women would take up this wonderful game.



Morag Hutcheon | How golf has changed my life

I took a deep breath and walked through the doors of my local golf club 12 months ago and it has completely changed my life! I'm a much fitter, healthier and happier girl. I've made some amazing friendships, laughed uncontrollably so many times and fallen in love with a game I gave up when I was 18 (now 45). Started again at 26 handicap and now 11, included in county coaching, I have a golf final to attend in the U.S. in November and a life based around my passion rather than 100% work. I really feel alive again and have a new found confidence and self belief, all thanks to golf.

Getting involved was easy with fun competitions, group and individual lessons, or simply a game and a giggle with friends followed by tea and tales of 'if only that putt had gone in' has helped my golf improve too not just my social life. It's an inclusive sport for all ages and abilities, all you need to do, is to 'give golf a go' it might even change your life!




Hayley Smart | My love of golf is growing

Unfortunately, golf to me

Was hardly rock and roll,

Whack a ball, fingers crossed,

Pray it found the hole.


Men in lemon pullovers,

Wandering round the green,

Tartan trouser overload

Really quite obscene...


Then my husband said,

'Come and have a go'

Lovely day on the fairway

'Don't try then you won't know'


I tried a little golfing,

My swing was strong and sturdy,

husband looked a little miffed,

I only scored a 'birdie' !!!


Some men they raised an eyebrow,

And looked the other way,

I just kept my chin held high

And proved this girl can play!


Few women play this sport

It truly is quite sad,

Sunday morning sunshine walks

Make me feel quite glad.


I even took my daughter

At first she wasn't sure,

She hit the ball with style,

Now she just wants more.


We don't want to Yoga

And Zumba I regret,

Golf is more relaxing,

And I don't break a sweat.


So #ThisGirlGolfs quite clearly

I wish more females would,

Golf is not just for men,

This sport's misunderstood.


Golf to me is calming,

Exercise and fun,

My love for golf is growing,

I'm not the only one.



Katy Selwent | Age 22 | Growing Ladies Golf

I started playing golf at the age of 12 thanks to my dad; classic scenario. I was hooked very quickly and as a 16 years old girl I was playing for the Junior Girls’ Golf National Team for my home country Poland. Currently I am 22 years old, doing Golf Management degree at Bournemouth University. My career goal and dream is to grow female’s golf. I have been travelling around the whole world and I am aware that the game has shaped my personality. I would love to help out young girls and give them possibility to experience all of those beautiful things I am experiencing playing golf.  My head is full of ideas and I believe that being a girl within such a male dominated world is a huge asset. I am the only female at my university course, which shows how few of us there are in the world of golf. Funnily it helps me a lot while networking with people as everyone always remembers me.  I am very thankful for having this little advantage and I am not afraid to use it. We run the world girls!  



Sarah Eaglesfield | From Crazy Golf to the Course

It started with 18 holes on the crazy golf course in Great Yarmouth. One good shot, and the next thing, I'm asking Gina (my friend) if she fancies giving it a go - trying it out - trying to play golf for real.

We went to the driving range first, an extended lunch break, just to get a feel for things, to see if we enjoyed it.  And yes, we enjoyed it. Then we found a local Get Into Golf program for ladies. We're both pretty shy, so we battled with the idea of signing up for it - there was always that terror of being so bad that we'd be unteachable. We need not have worried at all, the others were happy to see new faces, and eager to get us up and running.

It’s a fantastic hobby for anyone, with many not-so-obvious benefits.  I’m already meeting new people and making new friends thanks to taking up the sport. Most of all, I'm enjoying the gentle exercise and outdoors time, all whilst learning a new skill. Indeed, it's more addictive than any video game you'll find on the internet! I may not be a “lady” yet, but I am getting into golf.




Laura Murray | Age 32 | Finding some me time

Well as a busy mum of 3 girls I have decided I need some 'me' time and I've been trying all sorts of sports and activities to see which best suits. 

My husband is a huge golf fan and attends the golf range and weekly games, he suggested I try golf and I have to say its a bit of me! 

I find it relaxing, it really gets my brain working and I have found a new lease of life with Golf. At the moment I'm only going once a week to practice and I'm not very good, but Im hoping to improve a lot over the coming months. In my opinion you dont have to be the best golfer to enjoy the game, I love the out doors and I enjoy the tactical element of it. I'm hoping to one day beat my husband in a round :)

Women and girls should definitely give golf a go, we seem to live in a world where sometimes golf can be deemed a 'mans' sport but I believe that women can be just as good as men if not better! ;)

I have 3 daughters and 2 out of 3 are already quite interested in what mummy and daddy do, and I hope in the future they take up golf as a hobbie. 

They should make golf an optional club in every school!



Anna Brocklehurst | Working on her Co-ordination

I first picked up a club 18 months ago supporting a clients new venture.

My boyfriend told me I had no patience and no hand eye co ordination so golf was not the game for me.

To be honest both of the above are true but funnily enough this crazy frustrating game has got me hooked.

I have a fantastic teacher and have joined a fantastic club both of which encourage and inspire me to improve.

I am currently on working getting my 3 cards marked for my handicap and really hope to start competing next season.

Although people thought this girl couldn't I am proving this girl can!



Pauline Clifton | This Girl Golfs

This Girl Golfs! 🚩

I have to say I'm OCD

The game of golf means all to me.

It occupies my mind by day

Until at last I'm out to play.

I feel alive with every swing,

Suck up the feedback, take it in

And try to reproduce my best

To pass the latest mental test.

And then I practice smart and hard

To make improvements to my card.

Then when I'm watered and I'm fed

I wend my weary way to bed.

I don't count sheep, I count my score

As I replay my round once more.

When each and every shot is done

I dream of golf, a hole in one!

So ladies, now it's down to you

To see if you'd enjoy it too.

Get into golf! Give golf a try!

And here's a few more reasons why:

-Escape the hum-drum, join a club,

Make healthy friends- it beats the pub!

-If sport is in your DNA

Then look no more, get out and play! 

-The perfect place to meet a man,

Improve your fitness and your tan! 

-Get into golf, stand proud and tall.

Yes, this girl golfs and has some balls!

Copyright© Pauline Clifton 2015




Lauren Owen | Loves a Challenge

"When we were planning our wedding I suggested to my future husband that it might be nice to learn to dance so that we could spin romantically round the dance floor for our first dance, rather than perform our usual “two left feet, shuffle”.

He didn't want to learn to dance but said he would, if I learnt to play golf. Well, never one to turn down a challenge, we booked the golf lessons and week after week I turned up for my lessons and slowly got better and better. We had a lot of fun learning together and I enjoyed the golf immensely.

Once the course had finished I then signed us up for our dancing lessons. As fate would have it, before we began, the venue had a fire and the hall burnt to the ground. Consequently we never had those dancing lessons and we shuffled round the dance floor on our wedding day in our usual inimitable style.

Although I never got my Strictly Come Dancing moment I did learn to play golf and I'm now better at it than my husband - so every cloud, does indeed, have a silver lining...."



Scarlett Duthie | Age 14 | Golfing for Confidence

I started playing golf two and a half years ago at 11 when my dad encouraged me to join the junior academy at our golf club. I have steadily improved my golf and am now regularly playing in competitions both at my club and at other courses. As a shy 14 year old I believe golf has made me more confident and outgoing, having to play with others of all ages. The ladies at the golf club have been really encouraging and supportive. I would really encourage women of any age to play golf, being a great opportunity to socialise and make new friends along the way, as well as being a great form of exercise.

Handicap 27.5



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Karen wood | A golf Poem

Golf is like poetry it should flow

A gentle walk but not to slow


For women or girls there is no barrier

Use a trolly, be a bag carrier.


You can strut down the fairway like a chicken that clucks

Playing for pride medals or cups.


Start of with bogey, finish with par,

Did you see my last drive how far o how far.


Are you playing here next week, the cries all the same,

For we always turn up for the love of the game.

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