I recently met Abi when I was visiting the American Golf Academy at High Legh Park GC and was really pleased to see her dad sat watching on from the side lines and offering her support. I am a firm believer that one of the quickest ways in which we can raise female participation in the sport is for dads to start taking their daughters to the course or range with them. There are some very worrying stats about the number of dads who take their sons to play golf verses the number dads who take their daughters and it seems completely ridiculous to me.

As youths girls and boys are at their most equal in terms of physicality. In fact throughout the race to grow up girls are often the taller more agile ones, so put a golf club in their hands and there is no reason why they wouldn't hit it as well as a boy. 

Throughout puberty the dad/daughter dynamic can be a difficult one to manage so being able to bond over a common activity and goal is an opportunity that should be cherished. 

Well done Abi's dad and well done Abi for not only hitting the ball spectacularly but for also donning the most exceptionally cool pair of leggings I have ever seen whilst doing so.

Eve  (Lady Golfer - Lifestyle Editor)