#thisgirlgolfs because it's a sport that continues to bring me closer to more people than any other sport or activity has done in the past. 

Starting out with a second hand 7-iron in some beginner group lessons, a decade later and I've played regularly with friends, family and colleagues. Mostly social, but always secretly competitive. It brings all generations together, and on a level playing field. And, no matter how much or little time you have, there's always an opportunity to practice or play. With so many wonderful local public courses and driving ranges to choose from, I've managed to play as much as I have wanted. 

I play golf because, despite the frustrations of knowing I should be better by now, there's always that one sweetly struck shot each round that keeps you coming back again. 

Play for fun, friends or thrills, it's a sport for all seasons, walks of life and ages. Until you give golf a go girls, you'll never know satisfaction quite seeing that fluky 10ft putt sink.