I started playing golf at 7 which seemed the right thing to do as my family all played.  I attended junior nights at my club every Monday evening and there were plenty of juniors there, boy and girls.  When I turned 9 I realised I was the only young girl playing at the club so golf took a backseat for a few years as I felt I was missing out on seeing my friends.  I started playing golf again when I was 12, me and my brother went on holiday with my grandparents to Kipford and my granddad took us golfing every day and it was from then on I got ‘the bug’ again!  I’m so glad I returned to golf as it’s not just a hobby it’s a huge part of my life now. 

We’ve recently moved house and moved to a bigger club but I still seem to be the only young girl and I really want to encourage younger girls to start this fun and addictive sport.  Around 1 in 5 golfers are women which is a bit disappointing and I want to try and raise awareness of why golf is such an excellent sport.  Don’t get me wrong, I loved playing with the lads and my game improved massively as I found myself desperate to beat them to gain respect and confidence.  When I was 10 I did struggle with some equality barriers as I was told I wasn’t allowed to play in the junior matches at my club anymore because girls were associated to Lancashire and the boys were associated to Cumbria.  All I wanted to do was play for my club and for the boys to accept me into their team but I wasn’t allowed. 

Alongside my busy golf schedule I’m a professional singer and trying to make a career out of it so my life truly consists of golf and singing.  I work weekends so I’m very lucky at the age of 23 to be able to play golf during the week.  I’ve just released my own version of Morecambe and Wise’s hit Bring Me Sunshine and I’ve decided I want to give something back to the sport and give some of the proceedings to help fund girls golf.  Although I thoroughly enjoy playing golf with older ladies at my new club it would be great to play with some young girls my age who share the same interests.  Girls and boys my age are the future of golf clubs and we need to encourage them as much as possible.  Many women seem to start golf later on in life but why not start earlier?  I’m so thankful that my parents encouraged me to start at 7 with my older brother as we can now enjoy family days out playing in team opens and next year we’re planning our first golf holiday abroad together and this will be something very precious to us.  

As a singer I also perform in many golf clubs which is a big advantage for me over other singers as I can connect with the audiences and enjoy golf banter.  It’s great being able to mix business with pleasure and making new friends along the way for example Worlsey Golf Club invited me to play in their Lady Captains Day competition and then I performed for the golfers in the evening.  All in all golf has opened many doors for me and I have met some remarkable and talented people along the way that I’ll stay friends with for a long time...just wish there were more girls my own age!