I moved to England 2 years ago from Australia, coming from a very sporty background back home I wanted to continue that over here, I started playing Netball, Tennis, Cricket sport that I was used to playing it was fun but I wanted a change. I met my boyfriend of a year in Kent and he loved golf, so much so he would play it more than see me sometimes! I wanted to know what the fuss was about.. so one day only 6 months ago I asked him to take me to the range, I picked up my first club.. a 7 Iron and I hit the ball 130 yards!! He was in awe, one after one I was smashing them down the range! 'I love Golf' I said, and since then I go to the range weekly and we play rounds together on the weekend! Its such a great game and so rewarding, more women need to get into it, because I have I now spend more time with my boyfriend and enjoy playing!