Unfortunately, golf to me

Was hardly rock and roll,

Whack a ball, fingers crossed,

Pray it found the hole.


Men in lemon pullovers,

Wandering round the green,

Tartan trouser overload

Really quite obscene...


Then my husband said,

'Come and have a go'

Lovely day on the fairway

'Don't try then you won't know'


I tried a little golfing,

My swing was strong and sturdy,

husband looked a little miffed,

I only scored a 'birdie' !!!


Some men they raised an eyebrow,

And looked the other way,

I just kept my chin held high

And proved this girl can play!


Few women play this sport

It truly is quite sad,

Sunday morning sunshine walks

Make me feel quite glad.


I even took my daughter

At first she wasn't sure,

She hit the ball with style,

Now she just wants more.


We don't want to Yoga

And Zumba I regret,

Golf is more relaxing,

And I don't break a sweat.


So #ThisGirlGolfs quite clearly

I wish more females would,

Golf is not just for men,

This sport's misunderstood.


Golf to me is calming,

Exercise and fun,

My love for golf is growing,

I'm not the only one.