I took a deep breath and walked through the doors of my local golf club 12 months ago and it has completely changed my life! I'm a much fitter, healthier and happier girl. I've made some amazing friendships, laughed uncontrollably so many times and fallen in love with a game I gave up when I was 18 (now 45). Started again at 26 handicap and now 11, included in county coaching, I have a golf final to attend in the U.S. in November and a life based around my passion rather than 100% work. I really feel alive again and have a new found confidence and self belief, all thanks to golf.

Getting involved was easy with fun competitions, group and individual lessons, or simply a game and a giggle with friends followed by tea and tales of 'if only that putt had gone in' has helped my golf improve too not just my social life. It's an inclusive sport for all ages and abilities, all you need to do, is to 'give golf a go' it might even change your life!