This Girl Golfs! 🚩

I have to say I'm OCD

The game of golf means all to me.

It occupies my mind by day

Until at last I'm out to play.

I feel alive with every swing,

Suck up the feedback, take it in

And try to reproduce my best

To pass the latest mental test.

And then I practice smart and hard

To make improvements to my card.

Then when I'm watered and I'm fed

I wend my weary way to bed.

I don't count sheep, I count my score

As I replay my round once more.

When each and every shot is done

I dream of golf, a hole in one!

So ladies, now it's down to you

To see if you'd enjoy it too.

Get into golf! Give golf a try!

And here's a few more reasons why:

-Escape the hum-drum, join a club,

Make healthy friends- it beats the pub!

-If sport is in your DNA

Then look no more, get out and play! 

-The perfect place to meet a man,

Improve your fitness and your tan! 

-Get into golf, stand proud and tall.

Yes, this girl golfs and has some balls!

Copyright© Pauline Clifton 2015