It started with 18 holes on the crazy golf course in Great Yarmouth. One good shot, and the next thing, I'm asking Gina (my friend) if she fancies giving it a go - trying it out - trying to play golf for real.

We went to the driving range first, an extended lunch break, just to get a feel for things, to see if we enjoyed it.  And yes, we enjoyed it. Then we found a local Get Into Golf program for ladies. We're both pretty shy, so we battled with the idea of signing up for it - there was always that terror of being so bad that we'd be unteachable. We need not have worried at all, the others were happy to see new faces, and eager to get us up and running.

It’s a fantastic hobby for anyone, with many not-so-obvious benefits.  I’m already meeting new people and making new friends thanks to taking up the sport. Most of all, I'm enjoying the gentle exercise and outdoors time, all whilst learning a new skill. Indeed, it's more addictive than any video game you'll find on the internet! I may not be a “lady” yet, but I am getting into golf.