I first got into golf as a teenager. I am by no means a great golfer, but I do enjoy it. As a woman, I am often outnumbered on the driving range or the course as most of the users tend to be men. I do not let this bother me, most of the time I can hit my drive further than them anyhow.

However, I would and do encourage many women to try to make the time to play golf. It gives you a sense of freedom and enjoyment. The way you get away from it all being on the golf course is second to none. You feel in control and when you hit a good shot and that sense of achievement we often struggle to achieve from other activities. It is a great form of exercise, not too strenuous and a wonderful way to enjoy time outside. The social side is also a huge benefit as you tend to chat when you are together for a couple of hours!

I also feel that the sense of sportsmanship is unrivalled. People cheer for you when you play well and help you when you are not.