Hi, I'm Sally Watson and I’m from Scotland. I’m currently a professional golfer on the LET.

I started playing golf when I was about 3 or 4 years old, and I’ve been playing ever since. I really committed to the sport when I was about 14 years old, turned professional in 2013 and this is now my second year on the Ladies European Tour.

I think golf is a great way to meet other people, it serves you really well throughout your entire life. It’s a big sport in the business world, so it helps women - once they make that transition into different businesses or corporations - to help keep them on an even playing field with the men. So it’s a great place to meet people and helps fuel your competitive side as well which I think is great.

The best way to start at golf at any age first and foremost is to go to the driving range, just hit a few balls. You can find a putting green, or even a crazy putting course, just something to keep the game fun when you first start.

Once you’ve had a start at it maybe try and play 18 holes on a public course, again see how it feels, and if you like it try and join a local course. Hopefully if you’re a young girl there might be some local courses which are trying to encourage young girls to get in and might help you out when you first start. All sports are there to be taken advantage of if you just find the right places and meet the right people.

I love golf first and foremost because I’m a competitive person; I pretty much love all sports to be quite honest. Golf is a challenge every day which I enjoy – most of the time anyway.

You’re always trying to seek perfection, and it’s always there but at the same time eludes you. So it just keeps you coming back for more on a daily basis.