I started playing golf when I was 49 years old. It all started with hitting a few balls on a local range and becoming completely hooked!

There is an amazing thrill when you strike a ball well and it soars through the air. Go on give it a go!

This was 7 years ago now and it has been life changing. I have played all sorts of sports in the past but never anything like golf. It is the most challenging and at times most rewarding of sports.

It has enabled me to meet lots of new friends of all golfing abilities and all ages. I have been fortunate to have some amazing holidays playing golf with giraffes on the fairway in South Africa, Barbados, Mauritius, the Seychelles and France. Our holidays have been transformed, no more lazing around on the beach - we prefer to check out all the local courses.

My message is that it is never too late to take up golf, it is a unique sport with great personal challenge, it will keep you fit and is really sociable.

Take some lessons to get you started on the right technique and go for it.

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