I can’t remember my first experiences of golf because I was so young, my mum has a picture of me hitting a ball in 1977 (age 3).

I started playing because of my parents and grandparents, but I was really inspired by the local PGA pro who gave me golf lessons, I got better and my enjoyment grew from there.  My first handicap was 45, I remember the year I went from 32-12 over the summer, this was when I got hooked!

I have been putting together the guest list for my wedding lately, 6 people on the list don’t play golf (110 guests so far and counting). The first time I started having none golfing friends was when I became a mum, so now I have friends who are mums and friends who are golfers. 

The majority of golf clubs are wonderful welcoming places.  Unfortunately like life in general there are one or two places and people best avoided…

A good club is a large extended family that will look after you whether you are young or old. You will develop friends for life, they have different ages and ability levels but have one thing in common; a love for the game.  The lady members of my golf club organised a flower arranging evening to fund some of my tournaments, this helped me get in the Curtis Cup Team.

 As you move through life your motivations to play may change but golf gives you so many benefits:- competition, life lessons, friendships, discipline, fitness, routine, you can socialise and keep fit at the same time (not out of breath).  I have friends all over the world and vast amount of shared memories to enjoy and laugh about.

 My advise would be to just have a go, you will be surprised what you can achieve and at any age (my Nan had two holes in one in one round aged 70, my future father in law beat his age three weeks ago!) and what amazing friendships you will develop.  Golfers are great people, join us!