At first I was the only female at my course but that didn’t bother me because everyone was so encouraging, plus as a competitive 13 year old, I loved the challenge of trying to beat the boys! 

My grampy (or granddad to most people!) introduced me to golf, we used to hit balls in his back garden and he taught me there and at the golf club. I then had some lessons with the club professional and got involved with some junior coaching through the junior section.  My mum has also worked at the golf club for the past 15 years so I have worked with her and spent a lot of my time at the golf club as a child. The golf club became my second home and the members were my second family! 

I have travelled all over the UK and to other countries with my job so when I go home to Devon its always great to see the familiar faces who nurtured me into golf at a young age, although we don’t see each other very often it’s always like I have never been away and I can always get a game! It’s a great community! 

My handicap is now 11 but sometimes my game is a bit dodgy because I often don’t play for a few months but I soon get back into it and whether my game is good or bad, I just love being outdoors and socialising! 

Golf has taught me a lot since a young age, at first it taught me social skills, meeting new people, spending hours with them on the golf course and being confident enough to make conversation and hit a golf ball well - that’s a pretty big deal when you’re little! Golf requires a lot of patience, concentration and respect which are characteristics I feel are now strongly reflected within my work. I also believe the technicalities of golf make you appreciate the importance of attention to detail within your education and work.

Golf has played a role in my career too, I moved to London for a year whilst on a University work placement and golf involved with some voluntary activity, then took a role as a Country Development Officer and got involved with the England Golf Youth Panel. I have met some really great people through golf and have a strong social and work circle based around sport, you really meet people from different walks of life and there’s always something to talk about during and after a round of golf! 

When I began golf I was one of few, now I am one of many! There seems to be more and more women playing golf and in the last couple of years I have found it easier to find a golf club with Intermediate members sections and females. Golf is also becoming more accommodating of my lifestyle, as someone that has moved frequently and not been able to commit to membership and jointing feeds, there are more and more golf clubs allowing flexible memberships to fit my lifestyle. 

I have been a member of four different golf clubs and played many others on a green fee basis. Everyone is always really friendly - I know that with golf I can go to a new city and will have a social circle doing something I love. I am very relaxed about my golf and if I don’t play for a few months or even years then that’s ok, I know that I have the basic swing so I can usually scramble something together and I always enjoy the round, especially if the sun is shining! 

 I have always found that golf clubs have welcomed me with open arms, there’s always chance to get involved with matches, competitions and friendlies. You can do as much or as little as you like and the members are always really encouraging, especially to young females as they all love to see youth getting involved with the sport!

Women and girl’s should get into golf because it has so many benefits, you’re active and social at the same time - women always love a good natter and you can do that whilst playing golf! You can take it as seriously as you like and get involved with competitions, play different courses and see the world! It’s also a sport for life, which I think is important, no matter what age you start you can continue for years.

My advice?

Keep your head down!!