I started to play golf when I was 7 years old, I had no choice in the matter really, my parents play, and my older brother plays, I would get dragged to the golf club in the holidays by my brother as he wanted to practice but had to look after me, the annoying little sister. One day in the summer holidays sat on the practice ground I decided I could do this, picked up a club and the story begins...

 I joined the club as soon as I was old enough (think I was 8 or 9) and started to play with the boys, as I was the only girl (I was the only girl at my club for 10 years and still the youngest member now). It was hard at first no one would play with me, but them they realised that I was actually quite good and let me join in. I loved playing but hated practicing and that was my downfall, having played golf now for over 25 years, I have to say it’s a sport you just can’t give up on, it keeps dragging you back.

 Golf gives you amazing opportunities if you want them, it opens doors for you in your career, it takes you places you can only dream of, whether that’s playing at an Open venue with friends, where you have seen your idols win majors, or playing with a superstar in a golf day or even just being there when we win the Solhiem Cup as a spectator.

 Golf is not just about the sport it’s about the friends you make along the way, you play with so many people from different backgrounds but you all have the same connection you love golf, some of these people will become friends for life even if you haven’t spoken for 10 years the catch ups are always good and you remember the good time both off and on the course.

 Golf is certainly not just a sport it’s a way of life, a culture that becomes part of who you are.