Golf has made me who I am. Aside from being obsessed with the weather and having an ever-growing golf wardrobe, the game has driven me to work hard and take the career path I’m on now.

At the age of 12 I played any sport I could get my hands on and my dad took me along to junior lessons at the local golf club in the summer, no doubt to tire me out! I got hooked on the challenge of the game straight away and I had fun trying to beat the boys at the club, before going to county coaching and making an ever-growing circle of friends. I burst onto the national scene when I was 16 as an unknown, finishing runner up in the English Girls at the stunning Sheringham Golf Club. From there I started a new and exciting journey representing my country in girl’s home international matches and European team championships. I was offered a 4 year golf scholarship at Kent State University in Ohio and I jumped at the opportunity. I flew the nest to experience one of my toughest but most rewarding challenges to date, new home, new country, new people. On my return I realised that pursuing a career as a professional golfer wasn’t for me and I completed a master’s degree and trained to be a sports psychologist. And that brings me to the present day - 15 years after pulling on an England shirt for the first time, I am now the Performance Manager for the Women’s Programme at England Golf. It gives me goose bumps to think that myself and the team are supporting women and girls to chase their own aspirations in the game and I feel so privileged. We work hard to make sure that the training and competitive opportunities for women and girls keep growing and improving year on year.

Golf is now my fun thing! I play off +1 at Hallamshire Golf Club, a beautiful course with a big ladies’ section that is both competitive and great fun at the same time. I’m not competing in big tournaments but I’m still hooked on the challenge of the game and have targets to hit. Not only does it satisfy my competitive side but getting out on the course on my own, soaking in the scenery, gives me freedom to relax and enjoy some quiet space in my day.

 The game has given me so much and I’m now in a position to give back to it. I dare you to get into golf, accept the challenge and enjoy everything it throws at you! I would definitely recommend seeing a coach for lessons to start you off and even better in a group environment for the giggles, and then give it time and enjoy the journey!