Dear This Girl Golfs Team,

We met at West Essex Golf Club when you filmed my daughter Maia for the ThisGirlGolfs campaign. 

 I wanted to drop you a note to say congratulations on your work.  It seems to have got real pick up in mainstream broadcast and social media.  All of that has been rightly complementary about the tone of the messaging and the way you have nicely challenged some norms of thinking to make the game more accessible to girls of all ages.

 I also wanted to say thank you for looking after Maia on the day and for putting her in the campaign.  She is thrilled to be in the same piece of film as Charley Hull and since its release has applied herself even harder to her game.  She has been inspired by your work.  We are all very proud of her as a family.  As a father of 4 girls I’m always looking to show my daughters reasons to believe they can achieve whatever they want to if they apply themselves.  Whether Maia makes it as golfer is down to so many things … whether she does or does not is probably not that important … what is important is that she feels inspired in her life to achieve what she wants, confident in herself to do that and equipped with the life skills to make is happen.  Your work has had a big impact in helping that for which I’m very grateful