Well as a busy mum of 3 girls I have decided I need some 'me' time and I've been trying all sorts of sports and activities to see which best suits. 

My husband is a huge golf fan and attends the golf range and weekly games, he suggested I try golf and I have to say its a bit of me! 

I find it relaxing, it really gets my brain working and I have found a new lease of life with Golf. At the moment I'm only going once a week to practice and I'm not very good, but Im hoping to improve a lot over the coming months. In my opinion you dont have to be the best golfer to enjoy the game, I love the out doors and I enjoy the tactical element of it. I'm hoping to one day beat my husband in a round :)

Women and girls should definitely give golf a go, we seem to live in a world where sometimes golf can be deemed a 'mans' sport but I believe that women can be just as good as men if not better! ;)

I have 3 daughters and 2 out of 3 are already quite interested in what mummy and daddy do, and I hope in the future they take up golf as a hobbie. 

They should make golf an optional club in every school!