"When we were planning our wedding I suggested to my future husband that it might be nice to learn to dance so that we could spin romantically round the dance floor for our first dance, rather than perform our usual “two left feet, shuffle”.

He didn't want to learn to dance but said he would, if I learnt to play golf. Well, never one to turn down a challenge, we booked the golf lessons and week after week I turned up for my lessons and slowly got better and better. We had a lot of fun learning together and I enjoyed the golf immensely.

Once the course had finished I then signed us up for our dancing lessons. As fate would have it, before we began, the venue had a fire and the hall burnt to the ground. Consequently we never had those dancing lessons and we shuffled round the dance floor on our wedding day in our usual inimitable style.

Although I never got my Strictly Come Dancing moment I did learn to play golf and I'm now better at it than my husband - so every cloud, does indeed, have a silver lining...."